Empathy in Course Design

RAW prides itself on creating a product that sees every player enjoy the experience of playing one of our courses. In a modern world of golf course architecture it appears golf courses are being designed with a focus on challenging the top professional. Of course we agree this has to be done but the real skill in our view is to build courses playable to all levels of golfer.

Our design methodology is empathetic, we see as the only way forward for our industry. Once a routing is in place we set about designing our holes with considerate imagination.

Tee positions are vital, length being the primary factor here but what about its position in relation to the holes shape? Championship tees are positioned to challenge whilst front tees positioned to invite.

Hazard placement is obviously an overwhelming responsibility of any designer. The game is tough enough for players playing from the forward tee box so let’s minimise their worries over carry and maximise their enjoyment. Modern design is littered with examples of hazards built for aesthetic beauty and zero regard for not only playability but maintenance constraints and costs. We combine vision with common sense always.

Green entrances are neglected far too often in golf course architecture today. At any members club a 150 yard approach will be played with a fairway wood by over 50% of its membership, give these players a chance by giving them entry to the putting surface.

Time and time again we see designs that whilst searching for breathtaking aesthetics, completely miss the point in making the challenge impossible for the player limited to a rolling approach. A huge part of our philosophy lies here and these considerations are obvious in our approach to our work.