Russell & Woosnam's Design Ethos

RAW Golf Course Design was formed in 2001 by David J Russell and Ian Woosnam to provide a level of service and experience that they felt was unavailable with any other golf course design company in Europe. David and Ian have through a lifetime of playing tournament golf experienced all that is good and bad in their field. This has enabled them to develop a clear set of beliefs on what is required for a golf course to be considered great. Through RAW Golf Design they seek wherever possible to incorporate those ideas into their work, while at the same time still seeking to maintain the integrity of the site.

At RAW Golf Design we adopt a distinct design methodology for each project we work on, this allows us to create a design philosophy and character that is unique to each individual project.

It is our belief, however, that there are some key fundamental design principles when it comes to designing a great golf course:

  • It must look like it belongs
  • The course should reflect a strong sense of place and reflect its site and location
  • It must be sustainable, both economically and environmentally
  • It must service the game’s current need and be flexible enough to accommodate further changes
  • Finally, and most importantly: It must simply be great fun to play